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    TOUCH & TASTE 100% Pure

    Fruit of a passion for the olive tree and the fragrance of fruits and flowers this new range is a perfect marriage of a precious olive oil, resulting from organic olives specially selected for their sweetness and natural essential oils, to produce a product with unique and surprising properties.

    Its creamy and suave texture allows a sensual massage, delicate and delicately perfumed.

    These totally innovative oils also have perfect and unique cosmetic properties.

    Your skin and hair will thank you, your bath becomes silky, the massage will be sensual or toning, cleansing purifying and moisturizing at the same time.

    It is a privileged beauty ingredient, as the only vegetable oil derived from fruits. It contains 80% essential fatty acids, the content of which is very close to breast milk, but also vitamins A, E, C and D, or chlorophyll.

    It softens, softens and coats the skin and hair with delicate and captivating scents.

    A true cocktail of excellent benefits for your well being is also an anti-aging secret thanks to its richness in vitamin E.

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