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Precious Olive Oil "ÉTREINTE LUNAIRE"> with pouring spout

Mixed with vanilla this organic olive oil, with unique perfume is very sensual and a real sexual stimulant.

Vanilla essential oil Planifolia is invigorating. Its fragrance is fruity and gourmand, with a strong caramelized note. It leaves a feeling of well-being on the skin. It is renowned for its regenerative action of cells. It helps to fight the moments of fatigue, sadness, depression. It is aphrodisiac.

For the skin

Concretely for the skin, Touch & Taste precious olive oil, nourishes and softens it. Its richness in vitamin E helps to slow the aging of the skin and participate in cell renewal

The hair

Similarly for hair, Touch & Taste precious olive oil nourishes them deeply, repairs them and makes them particularly beautiful, luminous and healthy.

Makeup Remover

Touch & Taste precious olive oil can also be used as a make-up remover. It eliminates the residue of make-up and at the same time nourishes the skin deeply.

In the Baths

Touch & Taste precious olive oil also applies perfectly to a little wet or is added to the bath water. Your skin regains an incomparable sweetness without body milk.

Scrub with Olive Oil

Mix 4 tablespoons of Touch & Taste precious olive oil with powdered sugar. This preparation is used under your shower to eliminate dead skin and allows both to nourish your skin and leave it smooth coated with a delicious perfume.

Touch & Taste Precious Olive Oil Massage

The presence of polyphenols also makes this fatty substance a product of choice for the maintenance of the skin and the restoration of the suppleness of the muscles. Used in massotherapy, olive oil is mainly used in tonic massages such as Swedish massage, Thai massage or Ayurveda.

Touch & Taste - Étreinte Lunaire

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Ingrédients 100% Organic Olive Oil - Vanilla essential oil Planifolia
Producteur DERECOCINARIA Cosmétiques

The beneficial virtues of olive oil for skin and hair are undeniable.

Until the 19th century, olive oil was the basic ingredient of Marseille soap. But this is not all, for it is still part of the very famous recipe of Aleppo soap ... We have to admit, the virtues of olive oil have always been exploited and this does not risk not change, as olive oil still has a lot to bring to us on beauty side!

In the past, women were already enjoying the benefits of olive oil! They applied it to their body like a beauty cream, and they let the skin absorb it. A single drop is enough, and your skin will be grateful!